Right Mindfulness Training Academy (RMTA)

Right Mindfulness Training Academy (RMTA) was recently formed in January 2018 under the financial support of YBEF, for the long-term purposes of systematically introducing Buddhist concepts and mindfulness practice to society in the United States, and promoting international Buddhist educational exchange.

Objectives of RMTA:

  1. To introduce and promote Buddhism in Western countries, especially in the USA, by means of training Buddhist teachers who are proficient in English and familiar with the local cultures in the West.
  2. To serve and meet the spiritual needs of local communities, such as providing instructors to teach mindfulness retreats at schools, colleges, and to other social groups upon request, as well as to organize seminars on relevant topics, etc.
  3. To create a platform for international Buddhist exchange, especially between countries in the East and the West. This will include encouraging multilateral interactions and promoting understanding of different faiths and spiritual practices, all of which is essential to promoting world peace.

First teacher training program to be launched in year 2019:

RMTA is seeking collaboration with universities in Sri Lanka to jointly organize a study program in Buddhist Study for selected members. (More information to be announced soon)


— Power arises from faith; faith develops from thinking. —- by Venerable Master Yinshun