Diploma in Pali and Buddhist Studies (DPBS)

2 years program offered jointly by the Dept. of Pali and Buddhist Studies, University of Kelaniya in Sri Lanka and Right Mindfulness Training Academy (RMTA).


To provide both monastics and laypersons with the opportunity to earn a college degree in Buddhist studies.


This Associate-equivalent program consists of 16 compulsory credits and 14 optional credits for the total of 450 class hours, taken over two years period at part-time basis, total of four semesters.
Lectures will be conducted in English and all students will attend in-person. (No online option). The classes will be held at MABA on two weekends each month, total of five months each semester.
Certificate will be conferred by University of Kelaniya.

DPBS (on-going two years program, Aug 2019 – June 2021): (currently switched to online
lecturing using Zoom due to the pandemic crisis)


However, you are welcome to audit the classes. Please email to YBEF office  to request for auditing. 

*     *     *     *    *  [For spring, 2021]   *     *     *    *     *

Subject information for semester 4, the last semester of the program (March 6 – June 26, 2021):

Subjects to be taught:

1. DPBS 13074 Abdhidhamma and Development of Buddhist Thought  (4 credits)

Instructor: Ven. Bhante Nivitigala Sumitta and Prof. Beth Jacobs

Dates: Mar 6-7, Mar 20-21, Apr 3-4, Apr 17-18, May 1-2

For the details of the subject schedule and lecture topics, please click: [Abhidhamma and Buddhist Thoughts_Schedule and subject outline_Mar-May2021]

2. DPBS 13052 Buddhist Cultural Diversity in Asia (2 credits)

Instructor: Dr. Ven. Welimadagama Kusaladhamma

Dates: May 15-16, May 29-30, June 12-13, June 26-27

For the details of the subject schedule and lecture topics, please click: [Schedule and outline_Buddhist Cultural Diversity in Asia]

Teachers’ brief biographies:

Ven. Bhante Nivitigala Sumitta, is an adjunct faculty of the University of The West. He teaches at the Departments of Psychology, Buddhist Chaplaincy, General Studies and EST in the university at present. He is the founder and editor of www.dhammausa.com, the translator of Annual Planner, My Life is My Mother, Mage Diviya Obai Amme, etc.

Beth Jacobs, Ph.D. is a writer, clinical psychologist in private practice and transmitted lay teacher in the Soto Zen Buddhist lineage.  She is the author of Long Shadows of Practice, A Buddhist Journal, The Original Buddhist Psychology, Paper Sky, and Writing for Emotional Balance.  Her teaching focuses on experiential realities of original Buddhist doctrine and practice.  Her clinical work focuses on helping people give voice and context to these experiences.


Donations are welcome to support the on-going educational program.
This is a non-profit program merely for educational purpose, aiming at benefiting all students who are interested in improving oneself. All expenses of this program—teachers’ salary, full and partial scholarship for students, facilities and management, lodging and food−is fully supported by Youth Buddhist Educational Foundation (YBEF) and public contribution.

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