Mahayana Literature

Each year during MABA’s Winter Retreat, we gather periodically to study a topic related to the Mahāyāna practice. This year we are focusing on understanding the Chān School’s meaning of merit: its accumulation, sharing, transferring, and dedication. This study will include a comparison of the Theravāda and Yogâcāra traditions as they apply to the Bodhisattva practice.

The study group is open to all who register for the three sessions. It is especially designed to prepare those who have taken the Bodhisattva Vows and plan to attend the Bodhisattva Retreat in March. A study guide will be provided to those who register. A donation of $45 is suggested, and donations will be accepted online and at MABA. Please register ASAP as we value your attendance in this course. For those more than 2.5 hours from MABA who wish to attend, a Skype or Facetime connection can be arranged.
In the event that Hwy 94 is unsafe to travel due to weather, the class will be held in one of our homes in Chesterfield Valley (roads permitting).

For more information, and to sign up,
please contact Don Shushu at

Retreat Fee: Please remit payment to register for this study group. A minimum donation of $45 is recommended. Please include receipt of payment in your RSVP email. If you are financially unable to contribute and would still like to attend this retreat, please mention that in your RSVP and MABA will negotiate a trade in manpower.