Youth Buddhist Educational Foundation (YBEF)

About Us: Youth Buddhist Educational Foundation (hereinafter referred as YBEF) was established and officially registered as a non-profit organization with the State of Missouri on February 2nd, 1998 in Augusta, Missouri. Its members widely involve the educational, religious, academia societies of the United States, Asian countries, and the Buddhists and people who share the same understanding and goals worldwide.

Purpose: We gather people of all walks in life to work together for the public welfare and happiness of all sentient beings through the promotion of the Buddhist culture and education. There are two projects need to be activated as follows:

(1) To provide the forthcoming Buddhist youth with a complete education which, in the future, will enable them to fully understand the American culture and society, to achieve the best result of their education in the promotion of Buddhism. In the meantime, they can enhance their function in working hand in hand with both the Sangha and all ordinary people as routine.

(2) To edit and publish English books and reading materials in Buddhism for children and youth in order to have Buddha Dharma (Buddhism Teachings) profoundly rooted in the young hearts of Americans and fundamental base of the United States society.

Board of Directors:

President: Venerable Ji Ru

Vice President: Venerable Chimiu

Secretary/Treasurer: Venerable Kongshi

Directors: Venerable Kongyan, Venerable Kongzheng

Scholarship Program: YBEF offers scholarship to  young Monastics and lay Buddhists who are serious about studying and committing to the practice of Buddhism.

            About 21 people (both monastics and lay Buddhists) had already benefited from this program.


—– “Buddhist practice is the integration of experience and knowledge.”——

by Venerable Master Yinshun