MABA sets out to accomplish 5 main objectives:

Promote Buddhism throughout the United States, specifically the Midwest; Serve the community with spiritual and social activities; Provide educational programs in the study of Buddhism; Offer a peaceful environment for practicing meditation; and Support the Sangha in its commitment to the Dharma.

In order to provide an environment for spiritual growth and practice, we need your ongoing support. 

You may make secure contributions directly to MABA via Paypal below OR
by sending a check made payable to “MABA” to 299 Heger Lane, Augusta, MO 63332.
All contributions are tax deductible.

You may also make a direct bank remittance to Mid-America Buddhist Association by sending us an email for more information. In addition to monetary support, MABA welcomes volunteered manpower.


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Your support is greatly appreciated.

To contribute to Youth Buddhist Educational Foundation, Please contribute through Here. Thank you.

Note: For the Six Pathways to Happiness,

If you choose to pick up the book either from Don’s office or at MABA,

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