Join us this Sunday November 12th for the Kathina Ceremony & Children Half-Day

On Sunday, November 12 at 10 am, we will have our annual Kathina Blessing.  This is the day we honor and thank all our Monastics for all their help and service throughout the year.  We show our support by making Kathina donations.    
The History of the Kathina Blessing
Traditionally, this event goes back to the days of the Buddha and the first Sangha community. Items needed were offered to the male and female Monastics at the end of the three-month Rains Retreat.  Since in the West, our retreats correspond to the winter months, December 1 through the end of February, we continue the tradition, but in the late fall before the Winter Retreat. Our community shops for those items needed.
We accept donations from anyone who would like to make a cash/check donation at MABA or by credit card online.  Organizations like MABA exist through the generosity of its members.
Also, on the afternoon of Sunday, Nov 12, we will have the annual Venerable Konghuan Memorial Blessing Ceremony with a chanting of the Heart Sutra.  All are welcome.  
Nov 12th – Kathina
10:00 Sitting Meditation
10:20 Dharma Talk by Master
10:55 Preparation
11:10 Offering & Blessings
11:35 Vegetarian Lunch
Nov 12th – Venerable KongHuan Memorial
1:30 Sitting Meditation
1:45 Reciting Oṃ maṇi padme hūṃ
2:00 Chanting: Heart Sutra (English and Chinese)
2:30 Dedication of Merit

November 12th is our final Children’s Group Meet for 2017. It has truly been a wonderful experience and we are so happy we had such excellent attendance. For our practice this Sunday we will be participating in the annual Kathina celebration, thanking the monastics who do so much for our community. Children volunteers will bring the gifts to the monastics during the ceremony. Have a great week!