Right Mindfulness Training Academy (RMTA) was recently formed in January 2018 under the financial support of YBEF, for the long-term purposes of systematically introducing Buddhist concepts and mindfulness practice to society in the United States, and promoting international Buddhist educational exchange.

What Makes Our Programs Unique?

At a time when Mindfulness is the subject of many popular books and articles, when many in popular culture are turning to techniques to calm and strengthen the mind, Right Mindfulness Training Academy (RMTA) is committed to bring the authentic Buddha’s Teachings and to localize the Teaching to the West of present days with the collaborative efforts of Ordained Monastics and senior lay teachers.

To keep abreast with the worldwide trend of professionalism, globalization, and scientization of world educators nowadays, RMTA aims to vigorously train and support teachers and professionals in establishing strong and solid educational background, teaching capability, broad global view and high proficiency in meditative techniques.

Through this program, we anticipate our teachers to be endowed with a professional degree, noble personality and ability, and the spirit of serving others. Arena of Buddhism is getting greater in the future under globalization. Training and bringing the outstanding talented people together is the most urgent concern and the top priority in Buddhism. RMTA is doing the best towards achieving this goal, and your participation and support to us is greatly appreciated!   

Objectives of RMTA:

  1. To introduce and promote Buddhism in Western countries, especially in the USA, by means of training Buddhist teachers who are proficient in English and familiar with the local cultures in the West.
  2. To serve and meet the spiritual needs of local communities, such as providing instructors to teach mindfulness retreats at schools, colleges, and to other social groups upon request, as well as to organize seminars on relevant topics, etc.
  3. To create a platform for international Buddhist exchange, especially between countries in the East and the West. This will include encouraging multilateral interactions and promoting understanding of different faiths and spiritual practices, all of which is essential to promoting world peace.

The first educational program to be introduced is “Diploma in Buddhist and Pali Studies (DPBS)”. Click here to read more and to register. 

This associate diploma program is offered jointly by the Department of Pali and Buddhist Studies, University of Kelaniya in Sri Lanka and RMTA. This program is designed to provide both laypersons and monastics with the opportunity to earn a college degree in Buddhist studies. This very unique learning opportunity offers courses which are taught primarily by fully ordained monastics and lay teachers.


The Department of Pali and Buddhist Studies at the University of Kelaniya was established 135 years ago in Sri Lanka and is now recognized as one of the world’s finest educational centers, graduating thousands of students with Associate, BA, and MA degrees in Buddhist studies.

The program consists of 16 required credits and 14 elective credits, for a total of 450 class hours, taken over a two-year period. Classes will be conducted in English and all students will attend in-person (no online option). The classes will be held at MABA on two-weekends each month; there will be a one-week in-residence retreat each year.    

Please email or call us (+1 -636-4824037)  if you are interested in the program or for any other inquiry.

Contact information:

Board of Academy and Registration, RMTA

Director: Master Jiru

Treasurer: Ven. Kongshi

Secretary/Registrar: Ven. Kongyan

Email: ybefacademy







A 2-year mindfulness training course, the second educational program organized by RMTA. DATES TO BE ANNOUNCED.

2-Year Mindfulness Training Certificate Course

This online course follows closely how mindfulness was taught by the Buddha and his disciples, both in Theravada and Chan Traditions. Mindfulness training methods will the theoretical learning and practical training of mindfulness.

This course is specially designed for those who are earnestly interested in mindfulness training in Buddhist perspective yet such opportunity is unavailable in their community. Both online and live learning options are available to students around the world.

(People from St. Louis region who are interested in the similar training program are strongly encouraged to consider the “Diploma in Pali and Buddhist Studies” below)

For the theoretical learning, this course consists of 4 semesters and total of 8 subjects (eq. 240 hours lecture) in 2 years period. 2 subjects will be taught in every semester (eq. 12 hours of lectures each month) and each semester consists of 5 months. Methods of teaching include: lectures, discussions, presentations and assignments. Mid-term and end-of-term examinations will be held for assessment purpose. 

Lectures will be conducted in English; students need to be equipped with an electronic device and strong internet that allow them to attend the lectures and discussion through video conferencing smoothly.

For the practical part, students are committed to attend at least one one-week meditation retreat instructed by Master Jiru each year, either at MABA or at a retreat center in their state or country of resident, in order to be qualified for the course.

Certificate will be conferred by RMTA at the completion of the course.

Students who attend this 2-year program have the option to take Three Refuges and Five Precepts and apply for an additional certification to teach mindfulness under the auspices of MABA.

Prerequisites for the course:

  • Proficient in English
  • Strong will in spiritual self-development
  • Strong interest and faith in Buddhist teaching and training
  • Long-term commitment to the program

2-Year Curriculum

1st semester (dates to be announced):

  • Brief Survey of Buddhist History
  • Four Foundation of Mindfulness

2nd semester (dates to be announced):

  • Science of Mindfulness
  • Mindfulness of Body and Breathing

3rd semester (dates to be announced):

  • Insight Meditation and Wisdom
  • Chan and Mahayana

4th semester (dates to be announced):

  • Basics of Buddhism (3 Highest Trainings)
  • Four Brahma-Viharas




— Power arises from faith; faith develops from thinking. —- by Venerable Master Yinshun