Diploma in Pali and Buddhist Studies (DPBS)

2 years program offered jointly by the Dept. of Pali and Buddhist Studies, University of Kelaniya in Sri Lanka and Right Mindfulness Training Academy (RMTA)
Open for registration now, Please read information as follows:


To provide both monastics and laypersons with the opportunity to earn a college degree in Buddhist studies.


This Associate-equivalent program consists of 16 compulsory credits and 14 optional credits for the total of 450 class hours, taken over two years period at part-time basis, total of four semesters.
Lectures will be conducted in English and all students will attend in-person. (No online option). The classes will be held at MABA on two weekends each month, total of five months each semester.
Certificate will be conferred by University of Kelaniya


. Proficient in English
. Strong will in spiritual self-development
. Strong interest and faith in Buddhist teaching and training
. Long-term commitment to the program


Semester 1 (Aug-Dec 2019):   DPBS 03014 Historical Background of Buddhism
DPBS 03044 Pali Grammar & Literature
Semester 2 (Feb-Jun 2020):   DPBS 03024 Fundamental Teachings of Buddhism
DPBS 03034 Selected Readings in Pali Literature
Semester 3 (Aug-Sept 2020): DPBS 03064 Buddhist Ethics and Meditation
DPBS 03034 Selected Readings in English translated Buddhist Sutras and commentaries
Semester 4 (Feb-Jun 2021):   DPBS 03074 Abdhidhamma and Development of Buddhist Thought
DPBS 03082 Buddhist Cultural Diversity in Asia

Practical training of mindfulness:
In addition to attending classes, one-week training of mindfulness will be organized at MABA.

– Those who is interested in the program, please call (636) 482-4037 or email to click here: ybefacademy to request for application form.
– Please email the filled-in application form, together with the required documents and a copy of 2.5×2.5    photo, to click here: ybefacademy for registration by Mar 5, 2019.

The first weekend of classes will be on Aug 10 (Sat) and Aug 11 (Sun), 2019

August 10, 11, 24, 25; Sept 7, 8, 21, 22; Oct 5, 6, 19, 20; Nov 2, 3, 16, 17, 30; Dec 1, 14, 15

8:30am-11:30am: Subject A
11:30-1:30pm: Lunch break
1:30-4:30pm: Subject B
– Details of the subjects syllabus will be announced later.

Bhante D. Upananda:
Bhante obtained his B.A. and MA in Pali from University of Kelaniya in Sri Lanka, M.A. in Religious Studies from Florida International University, Master of Philosophy in Modern South Asian Studies with Emphasis on Religion from University of Cambridge, and Higher Master’s in Teaching of English to Speakers of other Languages from North-central University. Bhante currently is a doctoral researcher in Buddhist Mindfulness studies from University of Peradeniya in Sri Lanka. Bhante Upananda is very experienced in teaching; he was a lecturer in World Religion at Florida International University (2007- 2009), and lecturer in Buddhist Studies at Ren Ci College in Singapore (1997-1999) and University of Kelaniya (1994-1997). Bhante is currently an International TESOL Instructor, coach in mindfulness practice, and a counsellor for child, juvenile, divorce, and family issues.

Bhante D. Kusalagnana:
Bhante obtained his B.A. in Pali, M.A. in Buddhist Studies, Master of Philosophy from University of Peradeniya in Sri Lanka, Master of Divinity from Harvard Divinity School in Cambridge MA, and currently is a PhD candidate in Sri Jayawardenapura University, Sri Lanka. Bhante taught Pali and Buddhist Studies in Sri Lanka (2010-2013), and served as a chaplain in Brigham and Women’s’ Hospital (Boston, MA) in 2016 and 2017-2018. Bhante is currently a resident monastic at Great Lakes Buddhist Vihara, MI.

One-time payment of USD500.00 will be collected for registration at the university. RMTA does not charge any fees from the students. For those who needs financial assistance, please contact us.
This is a non-profit program merely for educational purpose, aiming at benefiting all students who are interested in improving oneself. All expenses of this program—teachers’ salary, full and partial scholarship for students, facilities and management, lodging and food−is fully supported by Youth Buddhist Educational Foundation (YBEF) and public contribution.