Niches Agreement Form

Niches Application Form

Service Items
Reservation of the niches, ordering the urns, placing the urns, relocating the urns, chanting service for transference of merits, funeral services, placement of name tablet of ancestors, and visiting dying patients.
When reserving a niche online, you are agreeing to all the terms and conditions described in the contract, whether or not your have received or signed the contract. The contract will be mailed to you for your signature when MABA receives the donation for your niche. As niche locations are allocated by lottery, the Monastics at MABA will draw from the lottery two possible niches for you. You may choose the location of the one you prefer.
Make checks payable to “MABA” and mail to :
299 Heger Lane
Augusta MO 63332 
Dharma Services
  •  Daily suttra chanting conducted twice daily
  • Transference of merits through special dharma services Regular dharma services held every weekend

The Guanyin Pavilion overlooks the lake at MABA. 
It is a special place of peace and compassion at the monastery.
A large lantern illuminates  the pavilion. This lantern is eternally lit as an offering to the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas in the three times and the ten directions. For our Dharma friends and supporters who wish to make a dedicated lantern offering, one of the lanterns listed below can be lit in your name. 
Lantern of Illumination – To eliminate darkness and to have bright future. 
Lantern of Peace – To quell disasters and illness and to have peace at home. 
Lantern of Longevity – To be free from sickness and have long life. 
Lantern of Wisdom – To eradicate ignorance and gain the great wisdom. 
Lantern of Wish Fulfillment – To get what one wishes.
We will engrave a tablet in your name (or any name you wish) and place it at the pavilion for a recurring offering of $100 per lantern annually.  The tablet can be for your ancestors or deceased relatives or friends so they may benefit from the merits of a lantern offering.
  • To light a lantern by check: Please make check payable to MABA and write down the information for the lantern offered, and mail to MABA, 299 Heger Lane,  Augusta, MO 63332.
  • To light a lantern onlinePlease fill in the information below and click on the subscribe button to light a lantern.
Person(s) Name As It Should Appear On The Tablet
Lantern Offering
Are These Person(s) Deceased?