The Bodhisattva Retreat postponed to Next Spring

We are postponing the Bodhisattva Retreat until early Spring 2017, back to the retreat’s original annual date.  Master Jiru is encouraging all the Bodhisattvas and those who have taken precepts to attend Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi’s retreat.

The Bodhisattva retreat on the calendar for early September was originally arranged on a tentative basis because we were not sure if Bhikkhu Bodhi was coming or if the Blue Lotus House would be completed or not by September. There is still hope to have the opening of the Blue Lotus House sometime this autumn.   An announcement will be made when the date is established.

Bhikkhu Bodhi is coming to give a retreat Oct 28-29 and for the Walk for the Hungry on Oct 30.  We have space for about 50 people in the Chan Hall.  Already 44 people have signed up.  We always prioritize you; however, if you wish to come, signing up now is important.  Once all the spaces are filled, we will have to put people on the waiting list.

Thank you for  understanding the reasons for these changes.

Please direct registration matters for both the Bodhisattva Retreat and Bhikkhu Bodhi Retreat to Don via