Chinese Lectures

Chinese Lectures by Venerable Kaiyin 開印法師禪修營


Thursday October 20 – Sunday October 23, 2016 10/20/2016 早晨開始報到,晚餐後進行課程介紹 10/21-10/23  2016中文佛學營課程表 10/23/2016 下午課程結束 Kindly RSVP to this event by emailing Ven. Kungshih 空實法師 at office@maba‐ 開印法師禪修營2016 下列鏈接,有開印法師吉祥經講要的文字檔以及影音鏈接,行者若能先花點時間閱讀或聽講一遍,再來參加共修,當大得利益! 《吉祥經》講要 Retreat Fee: Please remit payment to attend this retreat. A minimum donation of $80 is recommended. Please include receipt of payment in your RSVP email. If you areMore ›