Winter Retreat Schedule Begins

From December 1st, 2016 until February 28, 2017, the Monastic Sangha at MABA will be on their annual winter retreat. This is a time the Monastics spend in contemplation. Since the time of the Buddha, monastics have taken yearly retreats. In India, where there is a rainy season, the monastics take a three month “Rains Retreat.” Here at MABA we do not have a rainy season as much as we do a snowy season!

While the retreat is ongoing, friends are invited to practice and have lunch with the monastics on Sundays; there are no Dharma talks or Sunday study groups during the winter. All are welcome!

The Sunday Service Schedule during the retreat changes to:

10:00 am 



10:40 am

10:50 am  

11:00 am 

11:25 am

11:45 am  

Sitting Meditation in the Meditation Hall

(Meditation instruction in the Library for beginners,

joining full group at 10:40 am)

Walking Meditation

Standing Meditation

Sitting Meditation

Chanting Service

Vegetarian Lunch*

*Anyone is welcome to bring a vegetarian dish for 6-12 people.

Please no meat products, onions, or garlic.



During the winter months, if weather is inclement and appears dangerous, MABA will cancel Sunday services. You can find out about closings on the MABA Website or through local news affiliates, Channels 2, 4, and 5.


While in retreat the monastics infrequently leave MABA. To support the monastics during their retreat, lay practitioners bring food and groceries dana to the monastery. Those who sign up are responsible for two weeks, and deliver to MABA on Sundays during regular services. For more information, and to sign up, please email Toni Staicu. The sign-up sheet will also be on the desk by the kitchen in the Chan Hall.


Please understand that MABA will not be corresponding to non-emergencies via email during the winter retreat.

Thank you for supporting the monastics and MABA

during this dedicated time of practice!